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One's stumbling block is our springboard

Updated: Nov 14, 2022

Lumen Strategy was founded to help the government serve their citizens, and to help citizens interact with their government.

Founded with a passion for helping people, organizations, and the government realize their goals, we have the knowledge and experience that can be leveraged to help move you forward. We specialize and take pride in effectively navigating bureaucracy.

Throughout more than sixteen years working in local government, I’ve found that the gap between developing a project and working with the community and governing body can be challenging to close.

Lumen Strategy works with the best companies to provide our clients with the necessary expertise to make your projects a reality and help you to realize your goals. Together, we continue to refine our individual crafts so that when you hire us to be your expert, you can be assured that we represent the best in our field. Our partners include municipal consultants, legislators, architects, engineers, real estate professionals, and builders.

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